Second Round Of Speakers Announced

Today we’re excited to announce four additional speakers to this year’s CARBON Festival. We’re very honoured to have the super creative Richard Kern, a veteran of the NY creative scene with a career spanning over five different decades! From across the pond, Hardy Blechman, founder of seminal clothing label maharishi, will be bringing his insights into DPM and its usage in fashion and art to the Storey Hall stage. PrettyPuke has made waves with his own style of shock photography online, while he’s down here for CARBON we will be holding his first international exhibition (stay tuned for more details soon). Lastly, Levi Ramsey might not be an instantly recognisable name, but his Brisbane-based Ironlak spray paint has fast become one of the most known brands in amongst graffiti artists worldwide. This year is shaping up to be one of the biggest CARBONs so far, stay tuned for more details on more speakers…we can’t wait to tell you all about it!