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CHUWI Tablet V88 MiniPad Rockchip3188 Quad Core 16 GB HDMI Bluetooth IPS Display is the first quad core Tablet 7.9 the CHUWI and Rockchip3188 chipset, one of the greatest of the minute (supports quadcore processors but also has Bluetooth and HDMI) is capable of superior performance tablet computers that have built in or chipset TEGRA3 Samsung Exynos 4412, but at a considerably more affordable cost. The 1 GB DDR3 (optionally it is possible to select the variant with 2 GB, double most of tablets on the market, even than the iPad Mini but considerably quicker because it works DUAL CHANNEL) makes any application or 3D compatible games to run smoothly, so use your Tablet CHUWI V88 MiniPad Quad Core to hardcore gamers will be a real joy. Furthermore, the Tablet comes with IPS screen, with a resolution of 1024 * 768 pixels, (similar to that on the iPad Mini) which enable the display of the picture clear, bright colors of a true beauty visible from nearly every angle. Although the initial storage capacity is 16 GB, it can be enhanced with 32 GB via a microSD card (something impossible to attain on the iPad Mini, for instance), so that you have more room oemsoftwarestore.org for music, movies or your favorite games. The back casing aluminum alloy keeps a lower temperature on parts within. Behind these devices Camera 5MP with auto focus, capable to achieve high quality images for mobile devices group it belongs to. CHUWI V88 MiniPad Quad Core comes preinstalled with Android Jelly Bean (the fastest Android of the moment) thereby increasing once again working speed of the device. With top-notch functionality tablets that have incorporated or TEGRA3 Samsung Exynos chipset, Bluetooth and 4412 HDMI with built in display and camera similar to those used by Apple in their mobile devices, but with the cost nearly in half, make the CHUWI V88 MiniPad Rockchip3188 Quad Core 16 GB HDMI Bluetooth IPS Display a tablet PC with a great cost/performance ratiobeing one of the greatest and popular tabs of the instant. Welcome to join in ourFacebookand get more the latest advice of tablets.