My Weltanschauung

My Weltanschauung

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As I was ontogeny up I was taught to think in God. My mom told me everything I do God is observation me so I shouldn’t letdown. Every clip I’m in worry lecture to God and expect assistance. When I expect assistance things e’er get punter. So that boosted my opinion of God. So I started to attend Bible classes on Sundays. I would assist and they would instruct me evening more things almost God, how he created me and everything else in the reality. It made sentience to me because I didn’t hear the skill bottom it all, but when I lastly at read it in unproblematic I scarce affiliated it to what I erudite in Bible form. I thinking God created all the planets and he picked World for us to live because it was not too hot or not too cold-blooded. So when I was in highschool I took ratification and that when into more contingent most God. They taught us that is everyplace and you can tone them. They told me, “how do you cognize that air is tangible, you can’t see it but you can look it scarce ilk God.” I cerebration that was truly straight because you can’t see air but you can flavor it. One of the moments during substantiation they told me to persona me lecture God. I effigy myself at a common by the swings lecture him. So I could flavour me lecture him and I could see him. I conceive in God and everything he does. But I don’t conceive in the church’s rules around aft sprightliness you either attend nirvana or hellhole. I trust that afterward you die and if you are real goodness you get re-born. I ground out that it was a opinion of Buddhist citizenry. So I think in Theism and that God is the one that created everything in the man. I rattling don’t recognise how to excuse how God is existent because it’s real laborious. It’s soft to say you don’t consider in something because you can good say it’s made up. Why do I trust in God? Because every sentence I’m in problem or pauperization I birdcall and lecture to him and everything get punter. I think that is God’s doing. Mass say that why does God let masses die and it’s not bonnie who he chooses. I remember it’s not that they are anxious they are loss to eden to assistant them. I conceive God created the mass in your biography to assist you and when they are through he takes them off and it’s conjecture to piddle you stronger. Because having them thither they avail

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