NSERC Graduate Scholarships

NSERC Graduate Scholarships


Dispatch eligibility criteria are uncommitted on the NSERC CGS D / PGS D Programme site.

Applicants mustiness be conducting search and be enrolled in a platform of field in one of the fields that NSERC supports. Refer the eligibility criteria for proposed explore and programs of cogitation for details.

Likely applicants should likewise be certain that they are submitting their diligence to the well-nigh capture of the deuce-ace federal backing agencies (CIHR. NSERC. and SSHRC ). If applicants are uncertain whether they should state their coating to CIHR, NSERC, or SSHRC, they should confer their Enquiry Supervisor and/or Alum Adviser. In cases where illumination is silence required, applicants should mail a half-page compendious of their intended search proposition for an appraisal, kinda than conjecture or presume wrongly.

In cause of applicants for doctorial scholarships (CGS D / PGS D), the sum-up should be sent to one of the agencies with a postulation for ratification graphic (including by email) if the enquiry waterfall thereunder representation’s authorization. If you care to liaison NSERC, delight mail an netmail to schol@nserc-crsng.gc.ca.

Valuation Criteria

Dispatch rating criteria are useable on the NSERC CGS D / PGS D Plan site.

Covering Procedures

Applicants moldiness over Configuration 201 electronically via the NSERC on-line covering scheme. Instructions on how to over Mannikin 201 is usable hither. Thither is a individual diligence and excerption outgrowth for the CGS D and the PGS D. The top-ranked applicants testament be offered a CGS D, and the succeeding grade of meritable applicants bequeath be offered a PGS D.

Contingent the applier’s position at the coating deadline see and/or the applicant’s readjustment condition in the class of coating, applications are routed done a Canadian university or now to NSERC. Applier moldiness reassessment the NSERC site to set the right path for their diligence materials. Billet to applicants: If you applied forthwith to NSERC when you were needed to implement done a Canadian university (or contrariwise), your coating testament be deemed ineligible and spurned.

Applicants who are to take their diligence to UBC mustiness bow a nail diligence box by their alum broadcast’s deadline (mostly mid-September to other October – sustain with the fine-tune syllabus).

Entry of transcripts: Applicants who state their coating to UBC bequeath be asked to place a university specify who volition upload the applier’s transcripts to their NSERC coating. Commonly, the university intend testament be the alumna escritoire in the applier’s flow grad plan. Applicants are creditworthy to corroborate with their collegehill.info/ calibrate repository which transcripts want to be provided by the pupil and which transcripts the fine-tune broadcast already has on register to be uploaded. Confabulate the Cast 201 instructions for elaborated copy requirements.

Submitting the NSERC on-line lotion: Lotion materials are submitted via the NSERC on-line lotion organisation. Applicants who are to take their lotion via UBC should checkout with their alumnus platform to settle when they are to bow their covering on-line. Roughly alum programs may ask their students to accede a PDF re-create of their covering materials ahead submitting their diligence on-line, in club to earmark the grad plan to reexamination their diligence and bespeak corrections.

All NSERC applicants applying done UBC do not want to posit a reprint Attached Fellowships coating. To be considered for criteria-based Connected Fellowships, students should resign this checklist with their NSERC lotion to their calibrate broadcast.

Nomination Procedures

Grad programs reassessment and place the applications they incur, and advancing their top applicants to the Staff of Postgraduate and Postdoc Studies exploitation Workspace. Nominations moldiness be submitted by postgraduate programs to the Module of Fine-tune and Postdoc Studies by 4:00pm on Monday, 17 October 2016.

Adjudication Procedures

NSERC doctorial learnedness applications are kickoff reviewed and graded by the applier’s UBC alumnus curriculum. The alum broadcast onward a special bit of its top-ranked applicants to the Staff of Calibrate and Postdoc Studies, which oversees a university-wide adjudication. Adjudication committees composed of UBC staff members brushup and order nominative applications and choose which applications testament be forwarded to the subject rivalry. UBC’s nominees are forwarded to NSERC, which oversees a nation-wide contender that selects which NSERC doctorial encyclopedism applications bequeath be funded.

Profiles of Prize Holders