Janette Beckman


Janette Beckman Photographer USA

Janette Beckman began her career capturing the British punk rock scene for UK magazines such as Melody Maker and The Face. In 1982, she moved to New York, continuing to freelance for UK magazines and work for small independent record labels such as Def Jam and Sleeping Bag. Soon she would end up documenting hip-hop, another movement quickly gaining momentum. Her early work in New York became some of the first photography to emerge of artists such as Salt-n-Pepa and LL Cool J, eventually leading her to become one of the definitive photographers of hip-hop during that period.

Janette continued to travel the world taking photos, exploring city streets, fashion, artists and rebel street cultures. She is currently the New York Editor for the British style and culture magazine Jocks & Nerds. Amongst other achievements, her photographs have been exhibited at galleries around the world, and she has four books to her name.