Mark McNairy


Mark McNairy Fashion Designer USA

Mark McNairy’s bold collision of traditional Ivy League and contemporary streetwear turned men’s fashion on its head, redefining cool and reaffirming that rules are always meant to be broken.

Initially making waves as the creative director of Ivy League menswear label J. Press back in 2005, the designer branched out with his own label Mark McNairy New Amsterdam during the early stages of the menswear renaissance. In addition, his capsule collections for brands such as Billionaire Boys Club, A Bathing Ape, Heather Grey Wall and adidas Originals have become highly coveted in their own right. Mark created a style that both acknowledged the established silhouettes of the past and broke new ground aesthetically by combining patterns and textures usually found in streetwear, ushering in the low brow / high end collision prevalent in men’s fashion today.

Mark McNairy represents a defining era in menswear where established conventions have been deconstructed and remixed for a new generation.