Ta-ku Producer/DJ AUS

Self-taught, with a helping hand from the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy,┬áTa-ku is a Perth-based producer who has captured the world’s attention with his genre-defying catalogue of music. Effortlessly shifting gears between dancefloor ready remixes and heavily layered melancholy original works, Ta-ku originally perfected his craft producing traditional boom-bap inspired by his favourite producer, J Dilla.

He is a sign of the times: a self-propelled, multifaceted artist who has embraced social media to get closer to his fans and relied on the strength of his music to spread the word, garnering co-signs from industry heavyweights such as Diplo, Justin Timberlake and Flying Lotus, all without any major label backing. His insights into creating a brand for himself and starting up his own Sundays Records label will inspire anybody who wants to turn their passion into a career